What is Irish Sea Moss?

Chondrus Crispus also known as Irish Sea Moss is a seaweed or algae found on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in North America, Britain and Europe. Not be confused with its other moss counterparts, Gold/Golden Sea Moss (Genus Gracilaria) and Jamaican Purple Sea Moss which are usually sourced from Caribbean waters, St. Lucia being the most popular. Chondrus Crispus is the only Irish Moss given its origin, its branching thin flat fan-like texture and the moss itself being harder to source.

What is the difference between Golden Sea Moss and Irish Sea Moss?

Gold/Golden Sea Moss is golden in color but can also come in purple and dark tan hues. It has a thin stem like texture similar to the roots of a tree or thin tentacles. Chondrus Crispus also know as Irish Sea Moss is dark reddish or purplish brown in color with a branching thin flat fan-like texture. Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss) contain powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins which builds a strong immune system, delay cellular aging, blocks the formation of blood clots and much more.

What are the benefits of consuming Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss)?

Chondrus Crispus contains 92 of the 102 trace minerals the human body is made from. It contains anthocyanins which are powerful antioxidant properties that build a strong immune system, delay cellular aging and blocks the formation of blood clots helping the heart. Consuming Chondrus Crispus benefits in helping control blood sugar levels, reduce the risk of cancer, riding the body of unnecessary mucus promoting healthier lungs and breathing, promotes healthier hair, skin and nails, boost your metabolism aiding in weight loss, fights free radicals and reduces radiation poisoning, increases libido and sex drive, soothes the digestive tract with many more benefits.

Where does Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss) originate from?

Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss) grows abundantly along the rocky shores of the Atlantic Coast of the British Isles, Europe and North America.

What ingredients do your Sea Moss capsules contain?

Our capsules contain pure Wild Crafted Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss). We do not add any fillers or extra ingredients to our Irish Sea Moss capsules.

How much does each capsule contain and what is the recommended dose to take?

Each capsule is a size 00 containing 735 mgs of Irish Sea Moss powder with two capsules containing 1470 mgs. It is recommended to take two capsules daily in the morning best on an empty stomach with at least 8-12 oz of spring water.

Where is your Irish Moss harvested from and is it fresh?

Our Chondrus Crispus is freshly harvested from the cold Atlantic Sea waters. At Earthfully Grown LLC we receive our Wild Crafted Irish Sea Moss in batches based on demand to ensure our customers are receiving the freshest quality into their moss capsules.

Which is more effective, the gel or capsules?

Both the gel and the capsules are equally as effective. The Irish Moss capsules have a higher bioavailability compared to the gel meaning you only need to consume a small amount of the powder compared to a larger amount of the gel to achieve the same potency and effects.

Can I take Irish Sea Moss while pregnant or breastfeeding?

At Earthfully Grown LLC we are not healthcare professionals. We suggest that you consult with your healthcare practitioner if you are pregnant or a nursing mother before consuming our product.

Does Irish Sea Moss counteract with other medications and can I take it?

At Earthfully Grown LLC we are not healthcare professionals. We suggest if you have a known medical condition or taking prescription medication, consult a physician before consuming our product or any dietary supplement.

What is carrageenan?

Carrageenan is an ingredient derived from red seaweed that is used as a thickener in some foods in replace of gelatin. Irish Moss or Carrageen Moss has been used in Ireland since 400 AD as gelatin and in home remedies to cure coughs and colds. Not to be mistaken with degraded carrageenan which was lab made and found to be harmful for the human body. Food grade carrageenan has been used for hundreds of years, substantially reviewed and approved for use in foods.

What separates you from other companies that sell Sea Moss?

Earthfully Grown LLC is a black owned business that focuses on providing value to the community by posting information about not only the importance of good standing health but also providing information and tips on how to get there.

Our key product being Wild Crafted Chondrus Crispus (Irish Sea Moss) is pure, fresh and made by hand ensuring sanitation, consistency, authenticity and the highest quality.

We do not just sell herbs and Irish Sea Moss; my family and I live the lifestyle of having a vegan diet and focusing on our health to live long generous lives. My family and I, including my children consume the same products that I sell to my customers daily to maintain our health.

Earthfully Grown LLC offers exceptional customer service and believes in exceeding to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

I stand behind my products and I am passionate about my business and the purpose I have for starting Earthfully Grown LLC. Our slogan is “Creating Generational Health” because I am focused on improving the health of the current generations and generations to come. I am broadening my horizon by learning new information to not only help my family but my community as well.